Leash Training a Puppy

Leash Training of a Puppy requires patience and the consistency of practice.


You also must have a proper strategy and wise decision in choosing the best leashes for our dog for its convenience.


Here are the lists of the tips for the effective leash training of a puppy:

Reward-Based Training

We must have a positive reinforcement when our dog has done a good performance.

In choosing a reward, it must be a small size and can be eaten quickly.

The other one is playing with dogs outside our house to ensure that he will be happy and love the training due to the reason that we have a good reward that we can give.

Choose a Collar

In choosing the best collar for dog, we must take into consideration the size and the behavior of our dog.

Size of our Dog

We must take into consideration the size of the neck to ensure that it is not too big or too small.

The features of the dog collar that is best our dog with small size are the light and sturdy one.

For the dog that has the bigger size, the features of the collar must be the big and strong one so that it will not be break by dog easily.

Classification of the Collar

The Nylon collar is the best one for our older dog in the house.

As time passed by, the older dog suffers from amnesia, so we must put a tag to return if incase our dog is lost.

The collar serves as an efficient training tool for our dog.

Choose a Leash for Dog Training

The different classification of the leashes that is the best to choose for our dog includes the:


The Nylon is a man-made fiber that has features that are cheap, durable, and can be quickly dried.

It is available to the store with a different pattern and color that can attract us.


All of these are the reason why it is best to use.


The leather leashes are made of a good quality product that leads to its best features, which are the high durability and chewing resistance.

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To maintain the good quality of this leather, we just used the leather conditioner to ensure the cleanliness and its long lost lasting comfy to our dog and also to our hand.

It is best to use for the dog that has a habit of biting the leashes to set it free and go everywhere because it has the chewing resistance.


The chain is made of the metal, so it is the best for the dog that has the characteristic which is stronger and large size of the body because it cannot be easily broken down.

It can also be used by the puppy who loves to chew the leashes as long as we choose the thin one, so its weight will not burden our puppy.

Used a Strategy

Our dog will feel nervous when we presented the collar and attached it.

We must have a strategy to easily place the collar to prevent hurting our dog to assure that it will not run away or bite us.

We should distract our dog with the used of the toy and immediately place the collar around the neck of our dog.

We must estimate placing the collar to prevent making it tighter nor too lose.

Present the Lease to the Dog

We should attach the leash to the collar and drop its end to let our dog and other dogs enjoy playing the end of the leash.

Then, we can pick up the leash and call our dog with its name to easily come with the place.

Leash Training Your Puppy

To have a good environment for the leash training of a dog; that is the reason why we must have a good mood in training our dog.

As dog owners, we must be observant of the behavior that our dog possesses.

For instance, our dog was too excited seeing the leash and tends to keep on barking and jumping.

This is the time that we need to ignore our dog to ensure that it will calm down and learn the concept that its activities are wrong.

A Good Mentor

A good mentor has a great influence on our dog. If our dog is scared of the leash, we can offer our dog to have a walk while we are holding the end of the leash.

It will serve as the reward to make the leash training the enjoying part for our dog.

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A good mentor is the one who has a love for teaching our dog the leash training and prevents the physical abuse to our dog when pour dog commits a mistake in responding to our dog command.

Reinforce Good Behavior

As a pet lover, it is our responsibility to give love and attention to our dog despite our busy schedule.

It also involves the discipline that we provide to make sure that our dog will have good behavior and ignore its bad habit to be a better pet that we will help to improve our quality of life since a well- train dog can be easily handled.

We can go to the park and let us be the one who has a few steps forward while we are holding the end of the leash.

If our dog goes in the wrong direction, we can slowly pull the leash to give a signal to our dog that it is going to a different route to reach the specific place.

The consistency of going to a certain place and pulling the leash if our dog goes to a different way can help our dog to learn easily.

Consistency of Leash Training

We must be a persistent type of person to have consistent training for our dog.

It will change our dog to be a healthy and happy one due to the consistency of leash training, reward, and our good way of treating our dog.


It will also serve as a way to guide our dog to understand the purpose of the leash training easily.

Continuation of Leash Training into the Dog Adulthood

In the continuation of the training, until our dog reaches its adulthood, we must take our dog into a walk with a far distance, and it must be twice a day.

It will help our dog not to forget the leash training while walking.

Stay in front

Now it is the time that we should be to the front to ensure that our dog will know that we have an authority.

It will help to increase the tendency that our dog will follow our command with our single effort.

In case our dog keeps on pulling the leash, we must give a basic dog command to our dog, which is to come to our place and give a reward when it goes near to us.

We must remember that our negative behavior towards our dog will not lead to the good learning of our dog.

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The negative behavior includes the inconsistency, physical abuse, and yelling; if we have this behavior, it will only end up to the injury of the dog, and our dog will be scared to us.

Help Other Dog Owners

With a long time that we spend with our dog, we will be able to have the expertise to understand how the other way act with their owners.

When we see the other owners find it difficult to handle their dog, we can go to their place and start a good way of communication.

Being friendly with the other owner, it will be easy for us to give our advice.

On the contrary, if we do not have a mood, talking to other people, we notice that it has a good that has a bad behavior; we can just keep on heading our way and give a reward if our dog does not pull our leash.

Benefits of Dog Leashes

Here are the lists of the benefits of using the best leases that is good for our pet:

Means of Controlling

The dog leashes are an efficient and efficient way of controlling our behavior to prevent going to restricted places and getting lost when we are outside.

Ensure the Safety

We are holding the end of the leash that is attached to the collar of our dog, so we will be able to know that our dog will not pull.

The leash can ensure the safety of our dog because we can control the direction where our dog must go.

Friendly Dog

Our dog will not chase the small kids that will result from crying.

We can assure you that it will be able to train our dog to ignore bad behavior when having a walk to the place where there are many people.

Final Thoughts

During our training, we can keep in mind that the preferred food that is like by our dog is the hotdog with cheese, and it is the best choice to give to our dog to increase its retention to follow our command.

Different kinds of leash designs are available to the different sizes and comfy of the dogs, which include the standard, retractable, and adjustable dog leashes.

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